The course outlines each stage of the HACCP food safety management system including raising awareness of food safety hazards and explaining the necessary controls needed to prevent contamination of food and food-related products. The courses enable organizations to comply with Canadian Federal and Provincial Regulations.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to HACCP – Introduction to HACCP and key terms, history of HACCP, HACCP and the law.
  • Types and Sources of Contamination – microbial, physical, chemical and allergenic contamination and their sources, controlling food borne illness.
  • Pre-requisite Programs – introduction to pre-requisite programs, examples, how to make them effective and assessment procedures.
  • Developing HACCP-Based Systems – the 7 principles of HACCP, the commercial benefits of implementing HACCP, how to assemble a HACCP team, hazard analysis.
  • Control Measures – introduction to control measures, determining critical control points, decision trees, establishing, setting and achieving critical limits.
  • Monitoring, Reviewing and Maintenance – monitoring critical control points, corrective action procedures, benefits of HACCP auditing, HACCP review and maintenance.